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Here you will find several different curry dish recipes to suit your taste buds, starting with the old favourite chicken masala, its always best to marinate the chicken pieces overnight in a well mixed marinade made from yogurt, oil, garlic, ginger,garam masala salt and some lemon juice. Roast the chicken with the marinade wrapped over it in baking foil in a pre heated oven Gas Mark 5 for around 45 minutes, once cooked save all the liquid and mix with black pepper, mango powder and mint, mix this all up and keep one side, cool he chicken slightly and cut into chunks, serve with rice and chips or serve as a snack or a cocktail.

Another fantastic tasting chicken dish is malabari chicken, not a patch on your thai green curry chicken recipe but not to far apart. Fry an onion in oil for a few minutes, add a few spices - cinnamon, cloves and a bay leaf, then add some ginger and garlic paste, stir fry all this together for 2 - 3 minutes, put some chilli, cumin and coriander in, and stur well,add your yogurt and salt cover this well and cook for a further 10 minutesor until the yogurt has gone, add some chunks of pinepples and gentle cook for another 5 minutes. Malabari chicken is a soft and moist curry with a nice thick sauce, for the perfect finish serve with pula rice.

One more to finish this weeks recipes is another one of my favourites, cod curry, melt an onion and fry until golden brown, add cinnamon, bayleaf, ginger and garlic paste, add chilli, cumin and coriander powder, fry for a couple of minutes, either add yogurt or tomatoes, chopped green chilli and fresh coriander leaves, add a bit of salt and vring to boil, add the cod cover and cook gently for 15 minutes, if tomatoe is used do not add any water, when ready serve with rice and chips.

Fragrant green thai curry is another special dish we like to cook, I was askto add this to our web site after my brother had a thai green curry in a thai restaurant last year and really enjoyed it, to serve a party of 4 you will need four chicken breasts without bone or skin on, a tin of coonut milk, a handful of pistachio nuts, green curry paste, spring onions,green chillis, garlic, tablespoon of fresh ginger,coriander seeds, black pepper, sea salt and ground pepper to taste, place all the curry paste in a food processor marinate the chicken in the paste for 30 minutes, add a little oil and add the chicken pieces to a hot casserole pan, fry all this for around 5 minutes add the coconut milk and bring to the boil then simmer for a good 10 minutes, sprinckle the crushed pistachios over the top and serve up with noodles a chunky coconut, cucumber and a lime relish.





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